Maths Tuition for Secondary School Students

Key stage 3 & 4 maths lessons

Our experienced maths teachers can help your children to reach their full potential in maths. Whether your child needs to build their confidence, fill gaps in their knowledge or require further stretch and challenge, our qualified maths tutors can help.

Building confidence in maths

We carry out an educational assessment for all students so that we can identify any gaps in knowledge. From there our maths teachers will develop an individual programme of study aligned to the National Curriculum. At Pinner Tuition Centre we break maths topics down into small, manageable chunks which we deliver to students at a pace that allows them to improve their knowledge and increase their confidence.

Students are taught in small groups in which each child works on their own individual programme of study. Students each get one-to-one help during every maths session and time to work independently to practice their new skills. We encourage children to ask questions if they are stuck.

GCSE Maths tuition and exam preparation

By attending weekly maths sessions at Pinner Tuition Centre students will be well prepared for their maths assessments throughout Key Stage 3 and their GCSE Maths exams. Our tutors can provide structured revision to ensure that all topics are covered and practiced, taking the stress out of exam preparation for students and parents.

Our maths tutors value input from parents and will provide you with feedback after each session about your child’s progress and answer any questions you have.

If you want more information or to discuss your child’s individual requirements please contact us.

How to find us

Pinner Tuition Centre is located on the corner of Cannon Lane and Whittington Way, a 15 minute walk from Pinner Underground Station with H11 and H12 bus stops nearby. The entrance can be found between the Post Office and the beauticians. Free roadside parking available in Cannon Lane.

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