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Key Stage 1 & 2 maths lessons

Maths tutoring for Key Stage 1 allows primary school children to re-engage with the mathematics techniques taught in their lessons, and helps develop new problem solving skills and confidence. Ideal if your child can’t get motivated to study, feels uncomfortable in large class groups or needs things explained in a different way.

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  • Addition and Subtraction
  • Multiplication and Division
  • Fractions and Decimals
  • Percentages
  • 2D and 3D Shape


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  • Data Handling
  • Measurement
  • Time and Money
  • Mental Maths
  • Problem Solving


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  • 80 minute lessons
  • Small groups
  • One on one tutoring
  • Monitored progress
  • Regular feedback


Qualified maths tutors

The qualified teachers at Pinner Tuition Centre are waiting to help your children to succeed with their maths. Primary School provides the foundations of a child’s education, but many children experience difficulties at some stage of their schooling and may need a maths tutor to help them to keep up with the rest of the class. The maths tutors at Pinner Tuition Centre are here to help.

Our tutors are fully qualified and experienced teachers and are committed to helping children reach their full potential in maths.

Our experienced teachers will carry out a FREE educational assessment to highlight your child’s strengths and identify any areas of difficulty they may be experiencing with maths. The outcomes of this assessment will be discussed with you and any concerns or goals you have will be noted.

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Individual work plans

An individual work plan will be developed to address any areas of weakness your child may be experiencing in maths. During your child’s weekly maths lesson, the tutor will break down these maths topics into manageable chunks and sessions will progress at a pace that is just right for your child.

At Pinner Tuition Centre we cover all the main areas of the National Curriculum so the tuition we provide complements the maths that children are doing at school.

Maths SATs preparation

Key Stage 2 SATs exams take place in May. Pinner Tuition Centre will prepare children for these tests by covering the relevant skills and knowledge they require to sit the SATs exams confidently. We will revise all the key maths topics and complete past papers too. This type of thorough preparation is the key to stress free SATs exams at Key Stage 2.

Why choose Pinner Tuition Centre?

A great choice for maths tuition for children living in Pinner, Wealdstone, Ruislip, Harrow, Northwood, Stanmore and surrounding areas, we are:

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  • Extremely well resourced
  • High quality, exciting computer and paper-based maths activities to motivate children
  • Homework set and marked by teachers each week
  • Feedback to parents after every lesson
  • Ofsted registered centre


Contact us for more information or to book an assessment today.

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[icon type=”icon-user-3″][/icon] Qualified experienced teachers

[icon type=”icon-clipboard-2″][/icon] Free educational assessment

[icon type=”icon-stats”][/icon] Ofsted Registered Centre


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[icon type=”icon-addressbook”][/icon] Individually tailored work plans

[icon type=”icon-calendar”][/icon] After school or midweek lessons

[icon type=”icon-coffee-2″][/icon] Comfortable waiting area for parents


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